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Welcome to Wild Bird Crossing
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St. Francis and Suet cakes

     Here's St. Francis standing patiently by the front door, with a "racoon kits" birdbath next to him, and assorted suet cakes behind. Do you have a suet feeder? The wrens and the woodpeckers will thank you if you do!

     Were you surprised when Garden Gazing Balls came back? Somebody we know used to go around the neighborhood, swapping colors. People would look out the door and see that their purple globe had mysteriously changed to silver....he's all grown up now, and he swears he doesn't do it anymore.

seed bins
     On the left are our seed bins, in case you only want a pound or two of seed. We carry every seed you can think of for feeding the birds, including special blends to attract finches, cardinals--even ducks! We have a small flock of mallards that come every year to the feeding station outside the store.

     Check out the nifty birdhouses made from gourds! Did you know that Native Americans used to tie gourds like these into the trees to attract Purple Martins?

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