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Welcome to Wild Bird Crossing
of Sturbridge, Massachusetts

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We're glad to see you!

Little Jen demonstrates the simple life at the bird store...

Welcome to our virtual tour of

Wild Bird Crossing

The Home of Minnies and Marley.

That's Minnies, in the basket, with her friend Elizabeth. You never know when Minnies or Marley will drop in on you while you shop at our store.

At Wild Bird Crossing, the fun is free!

We offer weekly birdwalks (click to see when the next one is), free of charge, and other fun events like kayak and canoe trips.

To the right is the infamous Flute Witch, kayaking the canoe trail out of Siog in Holland, MA.  The Flute Witch makes regular appearances at Wild Bird Crossing.


Oh, I almost forgot!  The human staff who will help you find whatever you're looking for--even if you don't know what it is!

Minnies, Bill & Marley

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