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Wild Bird Crossing of Sturbridge
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Ask Minnies & Marley
How long should I keep my Hummingbird feeder out?
Here in New England we have the Ruby Throated Hummingbird visiting us. They migrate from South America in the early spring and join us in the North for the summer.
When do they leave?
The Hummingbirds started to migrate back in late August and September. But some of the birds that have been living further north migrate through until mid-October.
If it were me I'd be heading South before it got colder! Who wants to travel in the cold!
That's why the Hummingbirds were spending a lot of time at Bill and Nancy's feeder in August. They were eating a lot to prepare for their trip.
Minnies, all they do is drink! I would want to have a little more than a liquid diet if it were me!
Marley, the Hummingbirds eat insects, too! But most of their food is nectar from flowers. The feeder Bill puts out for them is an extra, kind of like going to the fast food stand. Of course, if Bill had to put up a feeder like that for you, Marley, it would have to have spaghetti and crispy french fries in it!
Well excuse me, Minnies, but it seems I've seen you knee-deep in Michelle's chicken soup when you wanted some "fast food"!
Ok, let's get back to our friends the Hummingbirds. They eat extra insects and nectar to fatten up before their journey. Marley, I bet you didn't know that the Hummingbirds fly straight across the Gulf of Mexico. Do you think you could do that without a fast food stand and a life raft?
Nope! That is impressive. Just think--a Hummingbird is smaller than my tail and it can fly all that way non stop!
That's why it's important to let everyone know that they should keep their Hummingbird feeders out until at least mid-October, just in case there are any Hummingbirds still traveling through. There won't be as many flowers or insects available for them so they will be glad to see a feeder along the way.
Boy, Minnies, I guess we have it pretty good living in the Bird Store....
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