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Wild Bird Crossingof Sturbridge
4 Cedar Street
(Rte 20 & Cedar St Intersection)
Sturbridge, Massachusetts


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ask minnies & marley

minnies, bill & marley

Minnies and Marley have 8 years of birding experience between the two of them. In addition to that, they are both birds, so they should be able to answer any and all questions that you have about our feathered friends. If you are in the area, make sure you stop by Wild Bird Crossing and say hello to Minnies and Marley. These two even have their own line of candy bars, available exclusively at Wild Bird Crossing.


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Have a birding question? Ask Minnies and Marley.
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Minnies and Marley have an answer to the question "Are there Blue Herons in MA?"

Yes there are Great Blue Herons in MA They are known to nest inland, and can be seen in our area. Great Blue Herons do not nest on the offshore islands as do other Herons. The Great Blue Herons tend to nest in isolated stands of dead trees in remote ponds. During spring and fall you may spot some loose flocks of Herons migrating through. Herons will sometimes try to stay through the winter. These birds are mainly found around the Cape Cod area.

Thanks for your question!

Minnies & Marley


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