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Torrens & bells

     See what we mean? On the right you can see a bird bath and a feeder designed by Tom Torrens. These are heirloom-quality works of art your kids will try and talk you out of some day.

When the wind sounds these nautical bells (just left of the Torrens feeder), you'll think you're back in the harbor, listening to the bell buoys as they rock in the surf. And you didn't have to fight Cape Cod traffic!


     After you design your new feeding station, don't forget you'll need hooks and hardware. You may want a squirrel baffel if you're anti-squirrel--or you might want to take the opposite tactic and set up a feeding station just for the nutty bunch so they'll leave the birdfeeders alone. You can get it all here!

     Part of the fun of bird feeding is learning about new birds--which can lead to learning to recognize birds by their voices. We have the guidebooks, the tapes, CD's and DVD's to help you become a veritable bird maven!

CD's and DVD's
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