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Welcome to Wild Bird Crossing's Links Page
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Can't get enough about hummers?
(No, we DON'T mean the polluting gas-guzzlers driven by the nature-indifferent)
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Want to know more about Swarovski optics?
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Cornell University's Ornithology Lab
Well known repository of ornithological information with a great searchable database. Drawings, pictures, and recorded birdsong available.
National Audubon
Needs no introduction.
Mass Audubon
Not just a local chapter, a completely separate organization.
In case you want to know what the state bird of Florida is (we always thought it was the mosquito!)
The Virtual Birder
Nice site, with detailed information by region.
Bluefeather Flutes
An interesting site built by a man who truly reveres nature--and makes beautiful flutes. Check it out...(better with patient, it's slow to load.)