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June 9 & 10 " Bio diversity weekend at Wells State Park

June 9 " Birdwalk at Wells State Park, 7:30 - 10:00am

Other programs happening at Wells State Park for Bio diversity Weekend

Reptiles" 10:00am Saturday
Mammal Tracking " 11:30am Saturday
Pond Ecology " 2:00pm Saturday
Wild Edibles " 9:30am - 12:00pm Sunday
Vascular Plants " 1:30pm Sunday
Medicinal Plants " 3:00pm Sunday

June 23 " Local Birdwalk to be announced, 7:30am
Please meet at the store

No Birdwalks in July

ARTICLES: Bill & Nancy Bird Mexico
  Sooty Duck Story
  Bird-a-thon Results

Turn Your Yard Into a Masterpiece

Flowers, trees, grasses, shrubs, garden art and more; enthusiasts every-
where are turning their hum drum yards into a palette of texture and color.

In the beginning there was a birdfeeder, maybe it was a gift or an old feeder put up to feed the birds just for the winter. But after the long cold winter season, the urge for spring breezes and the outdoors brings you to the yard, and you think maybe we'll feed the birds in the summer too. Thoughts turn to a new feeder, a second feeder for the finches, and maybe one for the woodpeckers too. Then the flowers bloom, and you spot your first Hummingbird and your off to the bird store for a Hummingbird feeder. Then come the birdhouses, the birds must have a place to nest!

The birds seem to be content, but your restless, and you think that maybe you'll add some flowering plants, bushes, and berries to attract and shelter the birds and butterflies. Without warning your watching every show on the home and garden network, looking for the perfect landscape design because your ever-enlarging backyard habitat needs just a little more. Then it's off to the local nursery or garden center and as your beginner's efforts become more advanced your habitat evolves into a theme. Will it be an oriental landscape, complete with Tom Torren's feeders, an English garden with ladybug and butterfly houses, and hummingbird feeders in artistic glass designs, or a shady paradise complete with cobblestone pathways, unique stepping stones, gazebo bird houses and curious corners - place to get away and relax?

Yard designed by Denise Aspinoll

Bird baths, and water gardens all add to the attraction. Now as you lay back in your hammock on a warm summers day, sipping lemonade and admiring your landscape, you begin to envision garden trellises, gazing balls (did you know that Wild Bird Crossing carries stainless steel gazing balls - they won't break if they accidentally tip!). Maybe a whimsical garden stake to peek from the flowers, or windchimes, buoy bells, and garden bells to sing the song of the wind - a true masterpiece in the making.

Then reality! Water - all of this beauty must be watered! And then you remember the copper twirling sprinklers. The sprinklers that add function and beauty to your masterpiece, now you can relax and settle back into your daydream.

With a little work your yard can be a masterpiece too. There are many resources available in the local area to learn about wildlife, habitat, and plantings for your garden. Of course Wild Bird Crossing has a large selection of birdbaths, wind bugs, decorative sprinklers, windchimes, stepping stones, and all kinds of funky iron garden art, functional and decorative. Not to mention the huge selection of birdfeeders and birdhouses to choose from as well as books to help you design your masterpiece. Look around and discover your backyard in our backyard! Enjoy!

Bill & Nancy Bird Mexico

The birding is easy on the beach in Mexico!

Well, maybe not this easy but we did see 21 new species of birds including an owl while on vacation in Mexico. Of course the beach, snorkeling and marine life weren't hard to take either!

  " Neotropic Cormorant " Red-vented Woodpecker
  " Magnificent Frigatebird " Brown-crested Flycatcher
  " Black-bellied Whistling Duck " Great Kiskadee
  " Common Black Hawk " Cassin's Kingbird
  " Plain Chachalaca " Yucatan Jay
  " Red-billed Pigeon " Tropical Mockingbird
  " White-winged Dove " Blue Grosbeak
  " Green Parakeet " Great-tailed Grackle
  " White-fronted Parrot " Hooded Oriole
  " Least Pygmy-Owl " Spot-breasted Oriole
  " Citreoline Trogon

Sooty Duck Story

You never know what you'll hear when your answer the phone at Wild Bird Crossing. Such was the case in April when we got a call from a homeowner in Sturbridge who said that they had a bird in the fireplace chimney, possibly a pigeon. They could see the bird when they opened the fireplace damper and the bird was stuck. Did we know anyone who could get a bird out of the chimney? Bill, being an unofficial expert on the situation, having rescued a bird from a friend's chimney in the past, went up to the house to see if he could help.
After a look up the chimney, it was determined that the stuck bird was a duck! A female Wood Duck, which must have decided that this chimney was a good nesting cavity. But I bet she changed her mind after she got stuck. Well, needless to say she was a very sooty duck, and thus began the process of extracting the duck from the fireplace. First the damper had to be taken apart and removed from the chimney, and then Bill had to sit inside the fireplace and reach up into the chimney to reach the duck. Of course the duck managed to escape his grasp and the homeowner had a sooty duck flying around the room for a lap or too. Bill and the homeowner finally managed to corner the duck; she was dirty and flustered but otherwise fine; and after checking for broken wings and wishing her Godspeed they released the duck and off she went. The homeowner was happy and I'll bet that duck sure was too!

Bird-a-thon Results

A team of birdersrepresenting Wild Bird Crossing participated in the Massachusetts Audubon Society's annual bird-a-thon held on May 18 and May 19, 2001. The Wild Bird Crossing Team, birding for Broad Meadow Brook Sanctuary in Worcester, MA, consisted of Bill and Nancy Cormier, Tom and Jane Clay, Bill LaFleche, Jim O'Donnell, Pauline Metras, Donna Blain, Yelena Samsonenko. The team turned up 116 species of birds in a 24-hour period. Official sanctuary results have not been released yet.


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