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Eyes on Nature

Most BIRDWALKS are free and you are all welcome to attend, beginner and expert alike.  Birdwalks leave from Wild Bird Crossing promptly at 7:30 am.  Please let us know if you will be joining us.  The birdwalks end around 10:00 am unless otherwise noted.   Is there someplace special you would like to go?  Let us know...   

Please, please, please - call the store the afternoon before any walk (no email please).  The walk may be cancelled for some unforeseen circumstance and you don't want to be left standing all alone.


Kim's Korner

  By now most of you should have your winter birds in, checking out your new and old feeders. Hopefully your feeders are clean and full of seed! I know everyone certainly has missed the birds during the past few LONG weeks and you've had plenty of time to clean your feeders - come on.. I cleaned mine twice! You should also have your stone or ceramic birdbaths flipped upside-down, or have brought them inside by now. There is a good chance that the stone or ceramic birdbaths will crack unless you take winter precautions. Once you put out your winter birdbath it takes about 5 minutes to set up a bird bath heater. They are no hassle, easy to install, and plug in with a simple outdoor extension cord. Wild Bird Crossing carries several different types to fit any bath. Don't forget the birds must have a source of water close by. Contrary to popular belief the birds will only eat snow for water when they can not find an open source of water. I think it's bad enough having to eat 20% of your body weight each day just to keep warm, never mind trying to melt snow for a drink. That would be horrible if that were true for me! So don't forget, providing water is a good way to guarantee that you'll continue to have birds year round, not to mention the good your doing for the birds! Now is the time of the year when people are thinking gift ideas for that special loved one, so don't forget that Wild Bird Crossing has loads of great gift ideas for any one that enjoys wildlife and nature. Start your day off right with our shade grown coffee, in your special bird cup. Put on your favorite shirt (from Wild Bird Crossing of course). Give your kids something to start them in the right direction with a good hobby, teach them about nature, something they can use all their lives. You would be surprised how much you can enjoy doing things together, learning about their favorite birds, what they eat how they survive. Watching a mother bird with in her nest with the eggs, then the babies. It's a great thing to start your kids with, a lot of them might even get their own friends involved thinking about all the other things out there in this world. This is one hobby I don't mind my kids doing! If you have a teacher you just want to say thanks to, give them a special bookmark, a new calendar, or how about a hand carved bird pen only $4.50. Put a warm pair of socks in someone's stocking, or check out our great book selection, everything for beginners to the advanced. How about new pair of binoculars, something that people won't forget, and you won't forget that special service that you get from us either. We do our very best to make you feel GOOD, because we want you to enjoy shopping here; we are not your average retail store we actually care about all our customers, and will do everything we can to make sure you are more than satisfied. Find that kind of service in your local department store!! (Oops you already tried!) On that note, I and all of Wild Bird Crossing wish you the very best of the holidays and a very safe, warm and happy winter season!


Nature Programs - If you are looking for  a nature-oriented program for your class, garden club, scout or church group, you can contact the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary.  We highly recommend them because their programs are the highest quality anywhere. There is no charge for programs at the sanctuary.  Don't forget to mention that the Wild Bird Crossing sent you!

Wild Bird Crossing of Sturbridge

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