We offer a range of great feeders including Droll Yankee, Varicraft, Duncraft and other specialty feeders from other manufacturers. To receive pricing or any additional information on any of these items, you can call {508} 347-BIRD (2473) or e-mail us at .


Shown here is the Droll Yankee A6.  The A6 is approximately 16 inches high, has a 1 quart seed capacity and 6 feeding stations.

The ports are metal and the feeder has a lifetime guarantee - the squirrels cannot destroy it.  Any damaged parts will be replaced at no cost. 

Also available is the A6 mini, which is 8 1/2 inches high, has a 1/2 quart feed capacity and 4 feeding stations.

A feeder very similar to the A6 is available in red and green and has the same lifetime guarantee.

Thistle feeders are available in the same dimensions as the A6 and the A6 mini (part numbers TH3 and TH3 mini).


Briggs heart shaped hummingbird feeder