Wild Bird Crossingof Sturbridge
4 Cedar Street
(Rte 20 & Cedar St Intersection)
Sturbridge, Massachusetts


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Summer has finally arrived! What else comes with it you ask? Why ants of course! If you're having a problem with ants on your nectar feeders (hummingbird, oriole, and butterfly) try our ant guards, guaranteed to work. Also don't forget your nectar should not be red. If it is throw it out!! (It is not good for the birds). Come in to Wild Bird Crossing and get the right stuff, and remember that nectar starts fermenting within 6 hours in the sun, so make sure that you clean your feeders and refill them at least 2 to 3 times a week. The birds and butterflies will appreciate it.

It's never to late in any season to put up a nest box for your birds. Even though you might have missed the first nesting of the year a lot of birds have 2 to 3 broods a year so you still have plenty of time. Also try putting a little Nest Aid out for the birds. They just love the soft cotton nesting material, not to mention that it's weatherproof to keep the babies warm and dry. Of course you guessed it, you can find it at Wild Bird Crossing.

So what else is new you ask? How about Duck, Hawk, or Crow calls, these are great for kids or anyone wanting to call or study these fascinating birds. (My favorite is the crow call!). We also have lots of new bird baths in many styles including hanging, clamp on the deck, or just put in your garden baths in all types and textures. What's your style? We'll find a birdbath to fit your needs. So come on in and see us, and have a great summer! See ya at the bird store!