Wild Bird Crossingof Sturbridge
4 Cedar Street
(Rte 20 & Cedar St Intersection)
Sturbridge, Massachusetts


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Yea! Winter is really here now!! Lots of snow, with more coming and lots of birds, finally! We've got tons of Juncos this year along with lots of Blue Jays, Tufted Titmouse, Nuthatches, and even Wood-peckers have been coming to the feeders now!

Of course all the birds are loving my heated birdbath, it really draws them in. Having fresh water, suet, nuts, and lots of black oil seed around keeps them interested in coming back.

It seems that we have been getting a lot of reports of Bluebirds staying in the area, I gather some of them might have gotten a little spoiled with all our great customers doing such a good job bring them around, now they want to stay! So keep up the good work and yes we will continue to sell mealworms here, just please let us know in advance if you really want some so we can order them fresh for your birds. Also, I got a hot tip that Bluebirds like sunflower hearts. Any input out there? I would like to know if you have tried it, or if you are going to try it with your Bluebirds let me know the results. Were always looking for ways to help the birds even more, especially during the cold winter months. Don't forget its never too late too put up a roosting box for your birds. They get cold during the night and that box could make all the difference in the world during a winter storm! Wild Bird Crossing carries quality built bird houses and roosting boxes at a very reasonable price so come on in and ask about a roosting box made from white cedar. There easy to open and easy to clean. We have some of the best in town!

We are carrying our wild life blocks again for all you bird & animals lovers. Wildlife blocks feed them all - birds, squirrels, raccoons, deer, turkeys - they all love it and the best part is it seems to last forever in the cold weather! So we'll be seeing you soon, and don't forget you've been asking for peanut butter feeders so we got them in just last week. Look for them in our suet section. Enjoy the winter and make the best out of everything! Get out there and build a bird feeding snowman, put raisins for eyes, seeds for hair, be creative do something fun!!!