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Suitable Feeder Location + Superior Squirrel Baffle =
Squirrel-proof Feeder

Location is the key for using a baffle to keep squirrels away from your feeder.  Your baffle will only work if the squirrels can't jump around it.  And squirrels can jump 8 to 10 feet horizontally and four feet up from the ground.

Choose a spot that:

has 8 feet of clearance on all sides

has bushes, shrubs, or trees 12 to 20 feet away to provide cover for your birds

you'll see easily and often from indoors


Pole-mounted feeders

Our can shaped baffle will keep 
squirrels from climbing up a pole to 
your feeder.

Hanging Feeders

Our disc-shaped baffle will keep 
squirrels from a feeder hung 8 feet 
away from the tree trunk.

We carry a selection of the best squirrel-proof feeders available.


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